I probably spend the majority of my waking hours in photoshop and illustrator. The manipulation of images and words is what I love and do best, and I am interested in projects that allow me to combine visual and written imagery. I have a strong background in writing as a Creative Writing major from the University of Wisconsin, so I know how to talk it. I can also make a mean logo. Concepting is my jam, and working with creative, inspired people fires me up. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with those who want to evolve beyond their brand and style guide.

Maintaining a solid fine arts foundation in drawing and painting is central to my creative process, and I continue to accept commissioned works of all sorts, drawing, painting, photography, you name it. 

Let's collaborate and make something original that is both compelling and effective. I love to work hard on projects, and am not afraid of long hours and hard work. I’d much rather be working on your art than watching my t.v.